Are you looking for the latest 100% Hardcore T-shirts?

You will find the new T-shirt collection from our brands 100% Hardcore, Frenchcore, Terror and Uptempo, on this official web shop. Free shipment above €50,- within the EU. You can pay afterwards with klarna, and we will ship you order the same day.

The 100% Hardcore T-shirt are made with high quality cotton, or the finest polyester. Our polo’s and T-shirts are all designed in the Netherlands, and are proved on several gabber party’s and hardcore festivals worldwide!
You can also check the latest sportswear collections, like our Soccer shirts, the lady sport tops or singlets. They are perfect to wear to a festival, and you can combine them with our 100% Hardcore training jackets and pants. The hardcore full-colour designs will make sure you will be seen at the next party.
The tops and singlets for women are made for the finest polyester. They have extra stretch for a comfortable fit. The sport tops also have an extra elastic band for the ultimate fit. Perfect to wear above the hot pants.

You will also find the new Terror, Frenchcore and Uptempo T-shirts and polo’s. Artworks are designed for the genres you like. Extreme prints for Terror. Frenchcore is inspired by France and the gabber scene. Uptempo is all about fast beats in combination with some skulls.

The T-shirts and Polo’s have a regular fit, you can find the size charts on the page of the T-shirt.
Wear it with pride.